I am a Photographer

Just what the world needs, another photography blog.

I have been down this road before having started and stopped two prior blogs on photography. This is my last attempt — sustain this djsphotoblog.com or never attempt another. So what caused this leap into blogging again? When I was closing my last photography blog I was writing an end piece entitled “I am not a Photographer”. At the time I truly felt that I was just playing at photography. While I had a small, side business at it, generated some revenue, placed images in magazines and web sites and shot some events there was still something at its core missing. I finally figured out what was missing. Connection.

Recently I got around to printing some of my images large. Opening the packaging and revealing those 16×20 and larger prints was amazing. The physicality of those images made them real. And I thought, for the first time, 100% sure, “I am a Photographer”. Some of these prints had a power mysterious and soulful – they had life in them. My life.

I was not happy with all my printed images. I tend to be very critical of my own photographic works. But there are a couple of them that jumped off the paper into my heart. Or maybe they originated somewhere inside me and now resided on paper. There is something special about them. Here is one of them and a good start to this blog. It was a wintry day at Pedernales Falls State Park in Texas and the wind was skimming along the dry, cold bedrock while I laid on the ground to get this shot.  Tripod spread out wide, camera inches from this small pool of water, framing this shot, I heard the earth’s poetry whisper.

Winter is Lonely
Winter is Lonely
winter is lonely
just one, lone stank stained coffee mug
 grounds 'nd a taste of cold bottom brew
 plus the burn of crap whiskey
 ...winter is lonely
the wind makes a different sound in january
 shrill whippings through naked branches
 cooling a granite stone bed
 ...a grey haunting sonnet
pebbles and shells strewn into a chilly message
 "hope is eternal for those who believe"
 and for those who don't?
 ...there is no rhyme
 ......only cold reason
winter is lonely
 a grey haunting sonnet
 that has lost it's rhyme