Mother Nature

This Memorial Day weekend saw devastating flooding in our area of Texas. The Blanco River hit record highs and wiped away many homes and a few lives in the Wimberley area. Hours before that happened we were at our friend’s 1,000 acre ranch in the Wimberley area watching the thunderstorms roll through with mild rain. A few of us still went out for a hike and I brought along my ‘bag-o-OMD. We were on a trail with the rain picking up, a bit of thunder in the area and I heard the familiar rush of a waterfall. I let the group go on and I went searching for the source. I have been at this spot a couple of times in the past few years but it has been bone dry each time because of our extended drought. Today was different. Today was the story of spring creek. Today it was rushing. A Spring Creek on the Burton Ranch.

A Spring Creek on the Burton Ranch – I

I sat at this spot for a long while getting soaked and my OM-D E-M5 and the water resistant lens held up very well.  I cannot say enough about the build quality Olympus designed into this system.  I experimented with lots of combinations of aperture value/shutter speed along with my Lee 75 ND filters and circular polarizer trying to get both a combination of waterfall blur with the raindrops that were splattering the pool above.

A Spring Creek at the Burton Ranch
A Spring Creek on the Burton Ranch – II