Sunset through Grass on the Burton Ranch

I was walking along the Burton Ranch with the sun setting and lighting up the tips of the grass – it was the magical part of the day. I took a few shots at a higher, standing angle that emphasized the grass field top surface but decided to go low to get the grass base and tops. I thought about getting into the middle of the field but I could hear some rustling in there and was afraid I would go in and hear the familiar rattle of a not-very-friendly snake. It has happened before.

These images are made from three images and enfused together into one. I made a conscience decision to nearly silhouette the oak trees in back. The most important part of this image is not the sunset or the grass stalks; it is the oak shadow area. This dark area is what gives the sunset and grass the base to shine. One thing I do not try to do often is have all of the image elements in visual detail with no dark shadows. That is very easy to do when bracketing images and processing via HDR workflows.

Oak Trees on the Burton Ranch

I almost always have a music playing while I edit photos.  And if it is not literally playing then it is playing in my head. While editing this image I could hear Rush… The Trees… with the struggle between the Maples and the Oaks.  “…and the trees shall be kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw.”

Oak Trees on the Burton Ranch
Oak Trees on the Burton Ranch at Sunset

This image was actually a three image composite I was shooting to capture the deep shadows and the sunset sky.  While not tone mapped with HDR software per se, the three images were blended using an enfusing plugin in Lightroom.  I was never happy with the color version but did like the monochrome version enough to post it here.

Mother Nature

This Memorial Day weekend saw devastating flooding in our area of Texas. The Blanco River hit record highs and wiped away many homes and a few lives in the Wimberley area. Hours before that happened we were at our friend’s 1,000 acre ranch in the Wimberley area watching the thunderstorms roll through with mild rain. A few of us still went out for a hike and I brought along my ‘bag-o-OMD. We were on a trail with the rain picking up, a bit of thunder in the area and I heard the familiar rush of a waterfall. I let the group go on and I went searching for the source. I have been at this spot a couple of times in the past few years but it has been bone dry each time because of our extended drought. Today was different. Today was the story of spring creek. Today it was rushing. A Spring Creek on the Burton Ranch.

A Spring Creek on the Burton Ranch – I

I sat at this spot for a long while getting soaked and my OM-D E-M5 and the water resistant lens held up very well.  I cannot say enough about the build quality Olympus designed into this system.  I experimented with lots of combinations of aperture value/shutter speed along with my Lee 75 ND filters and circular polarizer trying to get both a combination of waterfall blur with the raindrops that were splattering the pool above.

A Spring Creek at the Burton Ranch
A Spring Creek on the Burton Ranch – II