Second Summer Blooms

I like to say we have two summers here in Austin, TX. The first one lasts from March – June and our second summer is September – November. In between??? July and August is the DeaTH ZoNe!!! Too hot (one year we had 100 days of 100+ degree temps) and too dry for most plants. Everything just browns away except the prickly pear cactus and a few native plants that tolerate the hot, arid conditions. We still have 90+ degree days but in our September through November second summer it is tolerable and the blooms return. Here the Rock Rose field on property blooms away enjoying its second summer.

This patch of rock rose was an accident. A few years ago I cleared out a couple of rock rose plants in our garden that were dried and up done for the year. I threw out the plants in an back area field with cedars. Next year produced a field of rock rose from the seeds from the wilted plants the year prior.