I have a deep respect and love for the natural world.  I grew up near woodlands in central Missouri and loved nothing more than playing in the streams and walking through the forests — nothing much has changed!  Except now I bring along digital photographic equipment and maybe a sketchbook.

Photography, for me, is way to connect to this natural world we inhabit. Photography is the vehicle that lets me see clearly and deeply into a subject, it lets me experience what is to be that subject, it connects me to the subject.

seeing -> experience -> connection

If truly successful, I exist in the image. I know it when it works and does not. And when an image is truly complete, it is myself and the subject that gets printed.

Don J Schulte Photography

Inspiration: Water, Zen & Taoist ideals, Light/Color interplay, Nature’s cycles, etc.
Influenced By: John Shaw, Magritte, Ansel Adams, Turner, Thomas Hart Benton, Seung Lee, Hokusai & Hiroshige, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City MO, Charles Schultz, Theodore Seuss, Edgar A Poe, Walt Whitman, the tarantula that lives in my garden, the trout I have not caught, many more…

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